Hiring a Dog Walker

It’s a lifestyle to own a dog. One of the commitments you’ve made when you brought a dog into your household is walking it. However, there are occasions where it is simply not possible for you to commit the energy or time required to walking your dog. So, if that’s the case, what should you do?  

Well, the answer is to hire a dog walker. However, what should you do if it’s your first time hiring one? Here are several things you should know when hiring dog walking services in Edina MN: 

How Much Should You Pay the Dog Walker? 

The average rate of an expert dog walker differs on your location and the service you want. One excellent way to find out is to visit the website of the dog walker if they have one. However, you can also visit your local dog park and start asking people around. Typically, dog park visitors are happy to talk to a fellow dog owner and provide contacts and recommendations.  

There are also websites online that can help you find the average cost of a dog walker in your area. You should expect to pay more for dog walkers who specialize in extra services. This includes feeding, running, hiking, trail walking, and much more.  

Tell the Dog Walker Everything About Your Pup 

If you’re hiring a dog walking, make sure you show him/her the leash and harness of your dog. You should also discuss the ideal way to walk your dog. Make sure you warn the dog walker about the things that your dog does not like.  

If you don’t tell the dog walker everything about your dog, you’re only making him/her fail his/her job. It will not be fair for the dog walker and it can also be risky.  

What Type of Dog Walker Should You Hire? 

The answer to this question greatly varies on your pet. Some dogs are better behaved on parks compared to city sidewalks. Thus, it will be ideal for you to hire a dog walker who offers short hikes.  

In addition to that, your dog might be better alone than walking with other dogs. You might feel more secure having a dog walker who takes the dogs to a dog park. Make sure the dog walker you hire fits all of your needs.  

When to Hire a Dog Walker 

To make things simple, you should hire a dog walker if you aren’t able to dedicate the day-to-day workout routine of your dog. This can be caused by a lot of things, such as: 

  • Date night (It’s also important for you to socialize with other humans) 
  • The end of daylight saving time 
  • Human illness 
  • Change in work location or schedule 

If you aren’t able to walk the dog, you have to look for someone who can. 

When you find the ideal dog walker, he/she will become a member of your family. Aside from having the key to your home, he/she will also be accountable for the welfare and health of your dog for at least an hour a day. 

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